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Are you struggling to find a healthy, fulfilling relationship? Are you having relationship problems or going through a traumatic break up?

Is your teen's anxiety about college causing stress in their lives? Adolescent Transition Counseling assists teens entering the unfamiliar territory of university life. 

What self-destructive behaviors do I repeatedly engage in? Why it is so difficult to leave an abusive or otherwise unhealthy relationship?



Who is Lisa Knudson?

Since 2013, Lisa has enjoyed working in Private practice.  She is a seasoned Clinician with over 25 years experience with specialties in Trauma, Addictions, Codependency and Grief and Loss.  Her personal and professional experience have been invaluable to helping women and men on their journeys to improving their relationships with self and others.  Her passion is to help people get their relationships on track and explore their path to further growth and healing.  Lisa’s therapeutic style is relational and based on Attachment theory. She integrates a variety of styles into her work to include Mindfulness, Cognitive-behavioral and Psycho-dynamic techniques-exploring with her clients where family of origin and current relationships intertwine. Read the whole story.