• Are you having relationship problems or going through a traumatic break up?
  • Are you stuck in a relationship pattern that leaves you feeling helpless and confused as to whether to leave or stay in  a relationship?  
  • Maybe you are staying in a relationship out of guilt or fear of being alone even though you are unhappy and unsatisfied.  
  • It may be that you and a loved one continue getting in the same argument over and over again and nothing gets resolved, leaving you feeling frustrated, unheard and defeated.
  • Do you feel unsure of what you want or what your next steps should be?

It can feel painful and isolating to be caught in a relationship that isn't working. You may feel overwhelmed with mixed emotions for your partner. Your gut may tell you that this person isn't the right fit for you, but you still struggle with the fear that you might not find someone else. Maybe you also believe that if you can just love your partner enough, they will change.  

Perhaps you've come to the point where you feel like you've tried everything--from asking your partner to get help with an addiction or other life threatening illness to making threats to leave. To make matters worse, your family and friends may be offering frustrating, unsolicited and conflicting advice about whether you should break it off or try to make it work. With all the internal and external noise, you might be struggling to identify what you really want. This kind of relationship guidance is not the kind of help you need. 

How many chances do you need to give your relationship before you know it's over?

Many individuals struggle with making a final decision to leave or remain in a relationship. Some people feel stuck or trapped in a relationship where their needs are consistently unmet, despite pleading and begging their partners to work with them on the problems they are having as a couple. Other individuals are not sure when enough is enough. Good communication in a relationship is essential to a healthy, functioning partnership. You don't have to feel stuck in confusion about your relationship anymore. With the guidance and support of a professional who is trained to understand the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships, you can learn to identify the relationship you want to have.

I have over 23 years of counseling experience helping people like yourself find answers to their most common relationship problems. I provide a safe, nurturing environment where we work as a team to navigate your relationship challenges and together, develop an action plan that can make a positive change in your life. I will help you be free of the worry, obsession and confusion that currently rules your life.  

My specialty is working with women and men who struggle with relationship problems that feel addictive in nature. Whether you are in a relationship with an Alcoholic/Addict or struggle with setting boundaries with a family member, peer or friend, it is possible to break free from a self destructive cycle of losing your identity at the expense of others. And, if you have found yourself in the same kind of painful relationship again and again, I can help you break the cycle. 

As you begin to understand what you really want for yourself and your relationship, I can teach you how to set healthy boundaries and provide you with the tools needed to help counteract obsessive thoughts so you can live a stress-free life. In addition, I can help you to learn relationship building skills that you can use in many parts of your life, including work relationships, peer relationships and communication problems with friends or family members.

Sessions begin with the Intake which can take 1-3 appointments to gather history and discuss relationship patterns. I will suggest readings and assignments in between sessions that are specifically catered to you. Throughout the time we work together, I encourage you to ask questions. I will work in partnership with you. My goal is to help you be clear on the kind of relationships you would like to cultivate in your life moving forward and to have an increased awareness of who you want to be in relationship to others.  It is possible for you to have a healthy, successful relationship.

You may believe that relationship counseling can help you clarify your needs, but still have questions and concerns...

I think that I may need help, but isn't therapy expensive?

Individual therapy is an investment in your emotional health. Taking the time to address your relationship challenges now can help you to potentially avoid problems in future relationships.  If your insurance doesn't cover your sessions, we can discuss options for working within your budget.  Some insurance companies will allow you to file out of network, and you will receive partial reimbursement for sessions. I can provide you with  a receipt each month to file with your insurance company.

What if problems become too overwhelming to address, or other issues come up?

It is not uncommon to have other issues come up that are lying below the surface, such as problems with your family of origin that have an impact on your romantic relationships. I provide a caring, compassionate and confidential environment where you can feel safe working through any issue that arises.  

I feel embarrassed about seeing a therapist. Why would I need to see a professional instead of reaching out for support from friends or family members?

It can be scary to reach out for help, especially if you haven't had experience talking to a professional about these issues. I can reassure you that I will go at a pace that you feel comfortable with. I have seen countless numbers of people navigating issues just like yours, and I have helped them foster healthier, happier relationships with loved ones. Our family members and friends are important parts of our lives, but often carry biases that influence the advice they give you. Sometimes it is more helpful to talk to someone who is objective and who won't judge you or offer unsolicited advice; someone with the experience necessary to give you the individual attention and support you need. 



A talented and respected therapist

“Lisa is a talented and respected therapist among her colleagues.  Her skills and engaging style prepare teens for college with reassuring support, information, and confidence.”

Helen Lemm LCSW | Psychotherapist Private Practice

A strong advocate for her clients

“I enjoy collaborating with Ms. Knudson.  She is a strong advocate for her clients, and is talented in working with adolescents and young adults who are navigating transitions."

Nakia Scott, M.D., ABIHM | Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist | Diplomat of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine


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