Lisa Knudson

Lisa grew up on the north side of Chicago in the mid 1960’s to late 1970’s.  Her creative interests as a child ranged from holding dancing and singing competitions with her closest friend in her back yard to meticulously drawing people in their human form and from magazines.  Despite being a shy kid, Lisa made friends easily and was a champion for animal and human rights at a young age.

Lisa’s sensitivity coupled with her knack for helping people, naturally positioned her for a healing profession early on.  It wasn’t surprising that Lisa, upon entering Northern Illinois University in 1983, was immediately attracted to the field of Social Work where she received her B.S. degree.  A couple of years after the completion of her Master’s degree in Social Work in 1991 at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Lisa decided to take a leap of faith and move to Austin, Texas where a close family member lived. 

Early in her career from 1991-1999, Lisa worked at several non-profit settings in Chicago, San Antonio and Austin, Texas where she counseled children and families doing Play therapy and teaching Parent education.  While raising her son, she started a business coaching writers and dissertation students for 5 years from 2003-2008.  In 2008-2013, Lisa counseled a wider population to include low income families, adults and couples.  She provided Protective Parenting and Anger Management classes to families that were being investigated by Child Protective services.

Since 2013, Lisa has enjoyed working in Private practice.  She is a seasoned Clinician with specialties in Trauma, Addictions, Codependency and Grief and Loss.  Her personal and professional experience have been invaluable to helping women and men on their journeys to improving their relationships with self and others.  Her passion is to help people get their relationships on track and explore their path to further growth and healing.  Lisa’s therapeutic style is relational and based on Attachment theory. She integrates a variety of styles into her work to include Mindfulness, Cognitive-behavioral and Psycho-dynamic techniques-exploring with her clients where family of origin and current relationships intertwine.

Lisa’s latest endeavor is to help High School seniors relieve the stress and anxiety they experience prior to launching off to College.  Moving away from a life that is comfortable and familiar with family and friends to an unfamiliar and often scary world where teens may not know a soul, can be a daunting experience for many.   Lisa helps teens to process their feelings, and provides support and guidance on how to deal with anxiety through Mindfulness and Self-esteem building techniques.

Lisa enjoys helping older teens and young adults (age 16-26) who are struggling with personal decisions that may be embarrassing to talk about with people they know.  Some areas of interest include relationship problems, fear of failure or anxiety about starting a new career. Lisa’s vision is to help teach teens/young adults to make healthy choices that they can feel comfortable with as they navigate the waters of Adulthood.